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Wachowskis are amazing. Their first movie, Bound, was in Venice in 1996 and we are still figuring why. A mediocre lesbo noir with two bad actresses and a cheap villain. Then came the Matrix, one was enough, but they wanted three and one with Monica Bellucci.

And now, Jupiter Ascending, a sci-fi love story according to Frank Herbert and Naomi Klein. In the middle, actually, there’s been good stuff. V is a definitely a Wachowski Movie, and Speed Racer, that is not even cinema but lysergic visual art. And Cloud Atlas, a crazy philosophical short story of human race with Tom Hanks and Hugh Grant wearing ridiculous make up.

It was a big challenge. They lost, but they gamble at least.

Jupiter is a big patchwork, just like the Matrix was, with the same social and political controversial issues that are very present in most of their movies. So, instead of talking of a silly story of a Russian beautiful toilette cleaner who became the Princess of the Universe (and I’m not listening the Queen, by the way) and has a bodyguard who’s a former male stripper with dog ears, maybe is more interesting trying to understand something else.

The Wachowski would have been put on the black list during the 50’s, because they really are among the few socialist artists in movie industry. Matrix was the story of a revolution, V is one of the most sovversive tales of the last forty years (Alan Moore, ladies and gentlemen) and Speed Racer was the hard fight of a family business against the evil and powerful corporations.

There’s only one thing that really cares for the Wachowski Bros and it’s the pursuit of happiness for human kind. They are looking for a new world order in which culture, freedom, relationships are the actual richness. They are trying to sovvert capitalism from the inside, working for one the biggest news and entertainement corporation of the planet, wasting a big amount of their money with movies that bombs and that also says how beautiful is to be a communist.

Standing ovation for the Wachowski Bros, they are the Real McCoy of left culture. Who cares if they’re movies suck. They will save the world. One day.


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