Ex Machina


They, robots. One of the most classic characters in movies. From Star Wars to Short Circuit, they are so cute. Or deathly. It depends from the situations. As usual, if it’s a she is lethal.

Artificial Intelligence. Put it one in a she robot and it’s troubles.

This is the prologue. The story tells of young brilliant programmer who wins the golden ticket to spend a week with his boss, a Bill GatesJob dude who needs a monkey for a God experiment.

Well, Ex Machina is even much more than this. Alex Garland, brilliant novelist and screenwriter, wants to know what a human being is, if it more essential breathing, feeling or thinking. And what if a machine is able to do two out of three.

Very well written and directed, Ex Machina proposes deep ethic and moral issues and it is also accurate from a scientific point a view. It was not easy, but Garland hits the target and gives to the audience an intriguing sci-fi thriller with excellent actors. Domhnall Gleeson plays perfectly the young nerd who wants to overcome the master. Alicia Vikander (are there any movies without her at the moment?) is a wonderful innocent unhuman being and Oscar Isaac is once more perfect in the role of genius playing God.

We have seen this story many times at the movies, but Ex Machina is definitely one of the best way to show where we will arrive. Not tomorrow, neither next year, but soon.


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