The Boy Next Door


There are many movies about nasty psycho neighbours. It’s a genre of its own that I like to name Real Estate Drama. A few of these movies are actually good, but there are also many guilty pleasures. Michael Keaton was very good in Pacific Heights, definitely not one the best John Schlesinger movies, and Ben Stiller and Drew Barrymore were great in Duplex, for example.

Real Estate Drama goes from thriller to drama to comedy, but now, thanks to J. Lo., we have a new branch: the MILF thriller.

Jenny from the block just split with her cheating husband (John Corbett from Sex and the City) and lives alone in a big house with her teen troubled son. Next door arrives the perfect twenty year old boy, with muscles, manual skills and he also loves classic literature. They slept together, but she’s a mother, a teacher and still a wife, so she decides that it was a mistake. And she’s right: huge mistake.

We have to discover where in the world is Rob Cohen, because it’s impossible we’re talking of the same director of Fast and Furious and XxX. The Boy Next Door is one of those products that really hurts American film industry, a movie with no ideas, incredibly boring and fake from first to last scene. Jennifer Lopez is no longer an actress since a very long time and what remains is just the unbearable feeling of having wasted 91 precious minutes of our life.

Really, Brazzers has more dignity and better scripts than this 50 shades of MILF.


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