The Voices


I always thought that we are all very lucky our pets don’t have the gift of words. It will be probably a miserable situation discovering that they are smarter than us. My cat, for example, sleeps sixteen hours a day and when she moans for food is immediately satisfied.

Well, good to be a cat, less pleaseant being a young and handsome guy with a misteryous and troubled past. He secretly loves a nice girl from the offices of the factory he works for and when she finally jumps on his pick up…

Stop here, The Voices doesn’t deserve to be revealed before a view. Marjane Satrapi, the great iranian cartoonist, directs for the first something that was not drawn by her before. But some things are in DNA, so The Voices is a triumph of colors and shadows representing the real and fictious worlds where Reynolds’ character lives. Hard to say which is the good one, probably where cats and dogs talk to him and Gemma Artenton and Anna Kendrick happily sing for our hero.

The Voices is a nice dark comedy, far more dramatic than it seems and this is one the many merits of the movie that is also funny, entertaining and very well played by the whole cast. Including cat, dog and the moose. Yes, the moose.


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