Western Religion hits Cannes 2015


The rugged and raw indie Wild West flick WESTERN RELIGION makes its international premiere at the 2015 Marché du Film in Cannes, on Saturday, May 16 at 20:30h, Palais K. The film, produced by 3rd Partner Productions, was written and directed by James O’Brien and boasts an international cast and crew including Claude Duhamel(DAWN RIDER); Peter Shinkoda (DAREDEVIL); Miles Szanto (MARRIED); Peter Sherayko (TOMBSTONE); Louie Sabatasso(WISH YOU WERE HERE); James Anthony Cotton (PHENOMENON); with score by British composer Ram Khatabakhsh(CAPSULE); cinematography by Morgan Schmidt (GIMME SHELTER) and stunt coordination by Ardeshir Radpour (AMERICAN SNIPER).

The team that delivered the indie road movie WISH YOU WERE HERE, writer-director James O’Brien and actor-producer Louie Sabatasso, have crafted an ambitious vision of a rough and tumble Wild West tent city, guided by Caravan West Production’s Peter Sherayko, responsible for the authentic period detail in TOMBSTONEThe film, part morality tale, part comedy, part thriller, and all Western, pays homage to many other films in the genre but remains one hundred percent original.  Set in 1879, WESTERN RELIGION tells of gunfighters and card sharks from the far reaches of the globe that have descended on the mining town of Religion, Arizona to compete in a legendary poker tournament. But what the city founders don’t advertise is that all the players will be putting their very souls are on the line.

“This is an exciting time for us. As a filmmaker to not only have our film premiere during a prestigious festival but to have such capable representation is an ideal situation. We are pleased to have our film in the hands of Automatic Entertainment.  We feel Michael and Jeffrey bring a work ethic and understanding of the film that will translate into success,” states director James O’Brien.


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