Donnie Yen makes a Big Rescue in Cannes


Easternlight Films is pleased to announce the world market premiere of Donnie Yen’s latest film, the 3D live-action adventure, BIG RESCUE. The film stars film multiple-award winning action icon, Donnie Yen, with action-direction by celebrated action director Kenji Tanigaki, best known for his work on BLADE II, DRAGON and SPL: KILL ZONE.

“We are extremely excited to be working with Donnie Yen and an extremely respected and talented team dedicated to making BIG RESCUE a film with worldwide appeal for audiences of all ages,” said Ying Ye, Managing Director of Easternlight. “Distributors from around the globe will get a chance to preview the film for the first time in Cannes.”

BIG RESCUE tells the story of a group people who embark on fun-filled cross-country road trip only to encounter an evil villain who captures them and threatens to puts an end to their happy travels. Luckily, the adventure takes a positive turn thanks to a team of Kung Fu fighting Dogs who save them in the nick of time.

BIG RESCUE is directed and produced by China’s youngest female producer, Liang Ting, who has a box office track record of more than 600M RMB.

BIG RESCUE is an action road comedy, with a Hollywood narrative structure,” said Liang Ting. “It blends the Kung Fu of Donnie Yen with exciting and extremely cute family fun performances by the dogs. It is a movie with an international theme that integrates new shooting techniques. I am confident it can beat the box-office records of previous Donnie Yen films.”



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