The Interview


Do you really you believe that funny guy from North Korea cares about Seth Rogen and James Franco? Well, he doesn’t, that’s why The Interview is one of the best guerrilla marketing campaigns ever. And probably even the cleanest and funniest way to get rid of some old stuff out of Sony.

Because The Interview is not a subversive comedy or a political movie, not at all. It’s just a very stupid and awful movie by two overestimated actors/writers/directors that have probably start ended their careers in the year of grace 2014.

The story is actually clever, two idiots who wants to do something serious in their lives trying to set an interview with the president of North Korea (I could have said “dictator”, but I have a bunch of stuff in my mailbox and I don’t want to lose it).

The problem is that Franco and Rogen are not Dan Aycroyd and Chevy Chase or Mike Myers or Ben Stiller. They simply don’t have enough talent for being comedians at that level. They can talk of huge cocks, sexual behaviours and stuff like that, but they are nothing more than this.

Comedy is the most difficult genre of all, that’s why Lubitsch, Chaplin, Wilder are among the greatest of all time, and actors like Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Jerry Lewis were incredibly good both in comedy and drama.

There’s nothing more important than make people laugh, it’s a great responsibility and it’s hard to reach this goal with not even one good joke.

Sorry guys, but really, maybe you have to reconsider your priorities.


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