Wild Card


I love Jason Statham. He’s one of the best faces of last fifteen years in movies. A kind of strange morphing of Bruce Willis and James Caan. That’s why he played Caan’s role in Killer Elite remake and probably for the same reason he’s in Wild Card, the modern version of Black Jack by William Goldman. The two times Oscar winner screenwriter gives a second chance to Nick Wild in Vegas, still with a weakness for gambling and breaking bones for a right cause.

Thirty years ago Burt Reynolds played the character, probably only because Robert Altman refused to direct for a strange story of Canadian visa for his cameraman. Nick Wild was the perfect role for James Caan, one of Altman’s favourites.

Funny anedocts for movie nerds, but at the end of the day what really matters is that Mr. Statham is not only the heir of testorenic icons of the ‘80’s. He also has something that reminds the beautiful weak heroes of the ‘70’s. With the support of a good director he would have been perfect alongside Gould, Sutherland, George Segal.

With his physical presence and his stone face, Statham is able to turn a bad movie into a pleasant entertainment and this actually happens most of the times. Wild Card is directed with indolence by Simon West and William Goldman’s script is definitely not one of his best, but it’s a funny guilty pleasure with a couple of good action scenes and, well, five minutes of Stanley Tucci.

Probably is not enough for the price of the ticket, but there are worst things at the movies. Often.


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