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William Pitsenbarger died in Vietnam saving many lives during one of the most deadly fights of that infamous war. This heroic gesture was never recognised by the US government. More than thirty years later Tom Tulley, Pitsenbarger’s former fellow soldier, wanted this injustice to be fixed. Tulley convinced the Pentagon to open an investigation that was led by the young and ambitious Scott Huffman. Huffman is a civilian and he did not actually understand the importance of his mission. But everything will become crystal clear to him thanks to the testimonies of those still alive thanks to Pitsenbarger .

The American film industry has this incredible ability to turn into epic even the minor events. This is a creative process mainly necessary because of the limited capacity of stories that American history can tap into. This talent has been sharpened by industry and authors through the years.

The Last Full Measure is based upon a true story and it’s an incredibly classic movie that praises the founding values of the American nation from family to faith. These values are the actual engine of heroic gestures that never end in itself but change many people lives .

The Last Full Measure is the kind of morality play is hard to say no and the outstanding cast is the proof. Sebastian “Winter Soldier” Stan is the ambitious Scott Huffman that during is investigation meets William Hurt, Christopher Plummer, Ed Harris, Samuel Jackson, Amy Madigan, Diane Ladd and even Peter Fonda, in his last and very touching role. Production values for the movie that also lightly criticize the State of the Union and its tricky games.

The Last Full Measure has a too complex and retoric storytelling, an unbalanced rhythm and is also a little blackmailing. But it is also very emotional and tells the story of an invisible hero and both things are most of the times appreciable.


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